RENATE ROGINAS va veni la București și va susține un

WORKSHOP în cadrul IPIFF - ediția a XIV-a  cu tema:

" the art of project presentation, of finding the right co-producer and of   negotiating the best co-production deal"



Calea Victoriei 38-40 Workshop-ul va fi susținut în limba engleză.



Of French-German nationality


Studies in Education at Pädagogische Hochschule Weingarten (Germany)

Licence „Curating“ at University of Arts Berlin                                    

based in Berlin (Germany) and France (Paris/Bordeaux)

Fluent in English, German and French




During 19 years (from 1980 to 1999) Renate ROGINAS led, as producer, the international co-production department of TELFRANCE, one of the leading French production companies based in Paris. She also represented the national and foreign branches of the TELFRANCE Group (TELECIP, NERIA PRODUCTIONS, INTERTEL, SOTEL). During this period, Renate ROGINAS produced more than 400 hours of high-quality feature and television films as well as creative documentaries. The success of these co-productions throughout Europe was distinguished by the first European producers’ prize, which TELFRANCE was awarded during the Monte Carlo Film Festival celebration in February 1999.


In her functions within the TELFRANCE Group, Renate was in charge to represent the companies and to assure its visibility in the most important Festival & Market events by organizing and running a stand, especially during MIPTV and MIPCOM.


As a result of her long-term co-production experiences and her in-depth knowledge of the worldwide market situations in the audiovisual sector, Renate ROGINAS specialized in the field of creative development, production and distribution of cinematographic and television films in co-operation with producers from different countries. Throughout the scriptwriting process, cast, financing, production and distribution, she assumed joint responsibility for the films promoted by her with the objective that these films could be shown in the cinemas and/or on television in all the co-production countries and benefit from a worldwide distribution within the film markets she attended personally.


Since 1988, Renate ROGINAS is a member of the EUROPEAN FILM ACADEMY and in 1991, she was admitted as a full member of the French writers’ guild SACD. In parallel to her professional involvements, she is also active in the area of vocational advanced training: as Head of Studies, lecturer and tutor at the MEDIA BUSINESS SCHOOL in Madrid, the INSTITUT NATIONAL AUDIOVISUEL in Paris, the FILM ACADEMY BADEN WUERTTEMBERG in Ludwigsburg and the BALTIC FILM AND MEDIA SCHOOL in Tallinn, where she led the study programmes "International Producing" and “Creative Producing”. Other training initiatives to be mentioned because of Renate’s teaching responsibilities are: the Mediterranean Film Business School, the Aristoteles Workshop Organisation in Sibiu, Romania, the market oriented seminars of European and Mediterranean Films Crossing Borders and the Salonica Studio, a training programme for international film students during the International Film Festival in Thessaloniki, which was part of the initial training scheme “4 Corners”, supported by the MEDIA Programme and NIPKOW Stiftung.


In December 1999 after the EMDA Agency, which was responsible for the development support of the European MEDIA II Programme, announced insolvency in London, Renate ROGINAS immediately assumed responsibility for the selection of the submitted film projects on behalf of MEDIA ASSISTANCE in Brussels. Thanks to a quick and effective reform of the selection procedure, she managed together with her team (12 staff members) to successfully close the year’s balance sheets of the MEDIA II support Programme (Budget of 14 million Euros per year) in the area of project- and company-development. At the same time, she initiated under the guidance of the European Commission and together with a pool of international experts new development regulations for the European follow-up programme, MEDIA PLUS.


In January 2001, Renate ROGINAS was appointed Executive Director for a 5 years' term of the partial agreement, EURIMAGES, by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. The aim of the European support fund (Budget 25 million Euros per year) is to strengthen the film industry by means of the co-production, distribution and exhibition of European cinematographic works. In 15 years, the number of initial member States increased from 12 to 32. Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Croatia, FYROM, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro entered into Eurimages during Renate’s mandate. In her function as Executive Director Renate assured the result-based management of the European Fund. She was responsible for the administrative and economic evaluation of film applications for financial support and maintained contact with national authorities, producers, distributors and cinema owners from the EURIMAGES member States. She advised the President (Gianni Massaro and Jacques Toubon) of the Fund as well as the Board of Management concerning international audiovisual policy, managed, animated and motivated a team of 15 permanent staff members and represented the Fund at both cultural and industrial events. Moreover, she created the necessary structures in important markets, such as EFM and the Marché du Film for the best possible visibility of Eurimages, organizing also network-and matchmaking meetings as well as extremely successful Cocktail Parties in cooperation with the Co-production Market of Berlinale and the Producers’ Network of the Marché du Film (Plage des Palmes).


Beginning 2006 Renate ROGINAS was hired for a 5-month mandate as a consultant to the organizers of the planned St. Petersburg International Film Festival, Russia, shaping the artistic editorial line of the International Competition Program and sidebar programmes, as well as designing market meetings and events. Unfortunately, because of insufficient financial support, the Festival & Market plans could not be implemented.


Thanks to her long-term experience in the international film industry, Renate ROGINAS oriented her core business towards fund raising for young talent and creative producers, focusing on the film industries of the new European Union member states and EU candidate member states as well as the Latin American cinema. She also continued her strong commitment to professional/initial training and related industry initiatives. From December 2006 to May 2008, she managed as a Team Leader (7 staff members) the PHARE Programme of the European Union “Strengthening the audio-visual sector in Romania”, a special fund for training, development and distribution (circulation and cinema support) especially designed for the needs of the Romanian film industry. The worldwide attention and award winning results of Romanian cinema reflect Renate’s successful implementation of the EU funding programme, as well as the awarding of the Special GOPO Trophy for Supporting Romanian Cinema in 2008.


From 2011 to April 2012 Renate ROGINAS acted as the Team Leader of the Euromed Audiovisual III Programme – Regional Capacity Development, funded by the European Union, which operated in 9 South Mediterranean countries.

From May 2012 to February 2014 Renate integrated the Unit of international cooperation (GIZ) of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Today, and throughout her different positions within the audiovisual industry, Renate acts as a consultant for some of the leading European production companies.

Since May 2008, Renate and her husband are realizing their lifetime ambition in Villa KULT in Berlin, an innovative venue and meeting place for an international and creative clientele from film, television, media, radio, music, art, dance, fashion, design, photography, and theatre. Multidisciplinary activities focusing on art and culture take place in the seminar rooms of the Villa. These activities combine artistic inspiration, development, and necessary business issues. In autumn 2014, Renate opened KULT ART GALLERY after having obtained her curator certification at the Berlin Career College, a department of the Berlin University of Arts.

Each year, Villa Kult grants in cooperation with important film festivals 4 artist in residency opportunities for young filmmakers of the Balkan region. Renate’s latest initiative is the construction of an artist atelier in the ancient horse stables of Villa Kult. Syrian Master student of the Berlin University of Arts, Ahmed Ramadan (www. will start working there in October 2019.


Renate Roginas

Hindenburgdamm 12

DE- 12203 Berlin