The documentary film “ARMÂNII, from the famous Manakia to I’m not famous…” is an exploration of the Armân world, from the first motion picture shot in the Balkans by two Armâns, film pioneers Yanaki and Milton Manakia, to the first film in the cinema history spoken in the Armân language, entitled  “I’m not famous but I’m Armân.”
The documentary emphasises the connection, made by the viewers themselves, between the films shot by the Manakia Brothers after 1905, presenting moments from daily life and the past of the Armâns, and the film “I’m not famous but I’m Armân”, made more than a hundred years later, which presents, as part of the story, the current situation of the Armân people.
The conclusion is that, irrespective of where they live, the Armâns share the same name and language and are the same people.