30 Iunie

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Floating Things

At work in Europe, Avram finds out that Italians pay well for the trained dogs, in order to feel in safe in front of the new waves of imigrants. That’s the big idea of Avram!... Returned to Romania he puts up a canis for guard dogs, thinking of exporting them to Italy. Happens to be, but in the neighbor of a nomadic camp expelled from Rome. Thus, “volens, nolens” the Italian conflict moves nearby the Danube. His life gets complicated: he enters into a valetudinarian love relationship with his own daughter-in-law , arouses a state of hostility with his “Italian” neighbors and the threat with death becomes real. The  end reveals and unexpected situation.

… Before

… Before "The End" After... opens IPIFF5

The Festival opens with … Before "The End" After..., a spectacle of choreography, film and music directed by Tunde Baczo.

Opening Gala

Opening Gala

Astăzi începe IPIFF5! Gala de deschidere poate fi urmărită în direct LIVE pe situl www.ipiff.ro începând cu ora 20:00.