Feature Films

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Green Moon

Green Moon is a road movie about the young generation and its problems. It is a contemporary story, about young people and their pursuit of happiness which they imagine it may be fulfilled by blind dating on Internet, buying art objects, driving luxurious cars, psychedelic music, theatre, money, love.

Gruber’s Journey

Gruber’s journey starts with the Italian writer and journalist Curzio Malaparte, the author of the famous novel „Kaputt”, visiting Iasi, a few days after the beginning of the war against the Soviet Russia, in June 1941. Curzio Malaparte, interpreted by Florin Piersic Jr., is searching for Joseph Gruber, a Jewish doctor, to cure his severe allergy. Malaparte, struggling in the thicket of the Romanian civilian and military bureaucracy, fighting with their indifference, makes a terrible discovery...

Ho Ho Ho

Horace, a 8 years old boy, who still believes in Santa Clause, received as a Christmas gift a day at the mall. What ought to be a normal Christmas day turns into an adventure when Horace loses his mother. He mets John, a pickpocket disguised as Santa Clause, who was in the middle of an illegal operation. Unlike the Santas on TV, John doesn't seem to like children. Althought, the boy is convinced that this is the real Santa Clause and tail of it, causing all sorts of trouble as dangerous, as funny. Finally John finds the magic of Christmas and Horace discovers that miracles indeed, occur.

If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle

18 years old Silviu spent his last four years in juvenile prison. Now, 5 days before his release, he faces the challenge of his life: he has to choose between saving his younger brother or getting out of jail without being humiliated. In a desperate effort to do both, Silviu loses control and finds himself against the wall. He closes his eyes... Freedom, wind, his first kiss, the road, another 20 years in prison. Anything can happen to him now.


Cristi, a police officer, refuses to arrest a young man for offering drugs to his friends. The deal is punished by the law. Cristi thinks the law will change and that he won't have to have a teenager's life on his consience. For his superior, the word “consience” gets another meaning...