"A Drop of Sea" Contest

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When did you last spend time with your child? A movie about a messed up world that forgot the  simple joys of life like the smile of a child.

Simply complicated

How do you feel when everything crumbles around you? When illusions fall down and scream after a warm smile? There are feelings that bewilder you , ghosts of grief haunt your existence... And you are alone.
Have you ever made time to hear the story of a soul condemned to bear a cross that is to heavy to handle? The soul of a man suffering from a fatal disease ... Have you ever dug deeper than the physical barrier that is seen? To manage to get  past the appearances to enter the soul of a suffering? That is what the  short film "simply complicated" proposes  to achieve. Borrowing the vision of  a PLWHA, the film unfolds as a story whose idea is that, in nature, all men are equal, we all have dreams and feelings so discrimination in the Universe simply has no point what so ever.

Stop Human Trafficking

 Your body is not for sale.