Kino Caravan

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  • Produced by            

                        Tudor Giurgiu

  • Directed by

    Titus Muntean

  • Cast

Mircea Diaconu

  • Genre


  • Length

    100 min

  • Release Date


Synopsis Kino Caravan

In an isolated village in Transylvania, at the beginning of the 60’s, the people live relative peaceful lives under the leadership of TANASIE, the local People’s Council’s President. A mobile cinema, run by a young and ambitious communist activist, TAVI, arrives with the express mission of making a propaganda film projection. It’s Tavi ’s first assignment and he struggles to make a success of it. Except that the endless rain causes flooding, and the inertia of some of the villagers continually frustrates his plans. Each of them is somehow unwilling to participate or to support the projection, but they are cannily not showing an open opposition. Tavi is very ambitious and has the power of the party behind him. His pressure produces fear, and Tanasie is being held responsible. Slowly, under Tanasie’s prodding, everybody has to make some compromises so as to survive the whole event.

Meanwhile, Tavi falls in love with CORINA, the village teacher, who has romantic dreams, which Tanasie secretly shares... The attraction between the two young people initially appears mutual, though Tavi continually slips into an ideological discourse every time he has an opportunity to get closer to her.

Corina finds all this amusing - she likes this young man who wants to change the world. And Tanasie finds himself encouraging this liaison to sweeten the way with Tavi.

Against all odds, the screening of the Russian propaganda films finally is about to happen in the classroom of the school. Tavi asks Corina to leave the village with him after the projection, but she refuses.

Humiliated, frustrated, suffering from overambition and the sense that he can do anything he wants; he rapes Corina after the projection on his way out with the caravan.

Finally, this occurs while Tanasie and the villagers are on the hill, playing cards, concluding that no party, or officials, can change their usual routines in life.

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Transilvania Film