Katalin Varga

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  • Produced by            

                        Libra Film

  • Directed by

    Peter Strickland

  • Cast

Hilda Péter

  • Length

    84 min

  • Release Date


Synopsis Katalin Varga

Antal Borlan's loving wife could never imagine that her gentle husband is guilty of a horrible crime. Antal believes that he received forgiveness from God, the main evidence being his happy marriage, but a vengeful angel named Katalin Varga is determined to look for Antal even in the pit of the snake hole to get revenge. Raped by Antal a few years before, Katalin will now use their own child, Orban, for revenge.

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Katalin Varga

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Distribuited by

Transilvania Film


Romania, Marea Britanie, Ungaria

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Katalin Varga