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The Concert

The Concert

Radu Mihaileanu's film was severely dissected by critics,it has been accused by many with the tendency towards melodrama, schematism and gross appeal to cliches. It is undoubtedly true, and the refined movie goers are partly entitled to be weary about the film. It is clear that  the stories whith fate and predestination,retrieving  past secrets and tearfull cometoghethers manipulate without honesty the public's reaction. Mihăileanu's story sometimes uses and abuses  these strategies. He thus manages to concentrate  the most varied audiences, to manipulate the viewers emotions and to make it as such  that spontaneous laughter can fall over an emphatic cry. Of course the audience armed with a critical spirit and cinematic reference  will be more vigilant about these strategies, they will find their motive and moderate  the effects. Yet, with all this or  because of all this it will be left immersed in the other virtues,  which the film beyond its leakage, has a full possession off.

IPIFF5 shorts  films

IPIFF5 shorts films

Anyone who entered the theater where they projected short films and animations, was struck by the number of spectators present. Certainly their curiosity was rewarded with a fascinating series of short films.

An Interview with  Baczó Tünde

An Interview with Baczó Tünde

"An problem that is not discussed poisons a relationship until in the end it dies" - Tünde Baczó

An interview with Sebastian Pop Codin

An interview with Sebastian Pop Codin

Q: What led you to choose a career in film?

A: As a child I was passionate about visual arts, I started by drawing, I continued with advertising illustrations and illustrations for books, and also did some writing. Basically I enterd this art from many perspectives and eventually film was a form that encompassed them all. Encompassed all my earlier passions into one