The Concert

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  • Produced by            

                        Les Productions du Tresors

  • Directed by

    Radu Mihăileanu

  • Cast

Aleksei Guskov, Mélanie Laurent

  • Length

    119 min

  • Release Date


Synopsis The Concert

Andrei Filipov, the famous conductor of the largest orchestra in Russia, the Bolşoi Orchestra, considered a genius in the West, is fired during the communist era, in full glory. He refused to give up all the interpreters of his orchestra who were Hebrew, "Jews and enemies of the people", including his best friend, Sasha Grossman. Andrew immersed himself in drink and depression. Now he has 50 years and is still working at Bolşoi. As a janitor ...

The Bolşoi conductor, a former Communist Party official, promised Andrew that he will soon bring back his orchestra, but only to humiliate him in a sadistic manner. He believes that Andrew is old and that anyway he grants him a big favor by keeping him as a janitor.

At a certain point, while rubbing the floors of the director's office, Andrew finds a fax. The Bolşoi Orchestra is invited to play at the Palais Chatelet in Paris in two weeks. Bolşoi would in the last moment replace the Philharmonic of San Francisco, originally planned by the French, but announced that it is no longer available.

Andrew steals the fax and devises a crazy plan: In two weeks he will look up all his old orchestra musician friends, a varied bunch now living in Moscow as taxi drivers, porn film compositors, windshield wipers, merchants on black markets ... His plan is to go to Paris under the name of the great Bolşoi Orchestra from Moscow. Will they defy destiny and take revenge!? Will they succeed?

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Romania, Franta, Italia, Belgia

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