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  • Produced by            

                       Mihai Orăşanu

  • Directed by

    Serban Marinescu

  • Cast

Mircea Silaghi, Cecilia Barbora, Cosmina Păsărin, Constantin Puşcaşu, Crina Semciuc

  • Genre

    Drama / Crime

  • Release Date


Synopsis Auntie

Marcel is a 40-year old Belgian business man and he is married to Marilena. He has developed an obsession for her. His second obsession - the homeless children, because Mr. Marcel loves Romania, the country in which the homeless children are plenteously and where, for his pedophile urges, is enough a little bit of discretion. Marilena has to accept this for the sake of a so-called marriage harmony. Soon, Mr. Marcel considers that his marital equilibrium has become unstable. For that, Simona, who recommends herself as a teacher, gets added to these sensual searches, with drugs and ingenuity. Thus she earns more and satisfies her need for “dope” by helping willing couples to escape routine. Jealous Marilena banishes her and reaches the point of breaking up the marriage.

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